DeepTrust and Breacher AI Partnership Announcement

DeepTrust and Breacher AI Partnership Announcement

San Francisco, California, March 6, 2024—DeepTrust AI and are excited to announce a new partnership that will help businesses protect, respond and recover against the emerging threat of Deepfake AI attacks.

Generative AI based attacks have accelerated drastically in the past year and pose an immediate threat to businesses of all sizes. Phishing and social engineering supercharged by AI spread misinformation and deception, in hyper-realistic targeted attacks, at a speed and scale that hasn’t been seen before. This technology is available today, and its impact cannot be overstated. As generative AI continues to improve rapidly, the ability to determine what is AI generated and what is real will only become increasingly difficult.

To address this threat, DeepTrust AI and are excited to offer a joint solution, offering an improved layered defense against deepfakes. With DeepTrust and, users have the ability to submit Deepfake content for forensic analysis to determine if content is authentic or generated by AI. With the DeepTrust tech stack and layered analysis, using both AI and human review, businesses can determine (with high confidence) whether Cyberattacks are human or machine generated. This provides security teams and end users with an extra barrier of protection and analysis for rising AI threats. With and DeepTrust, users and security teams have a direct line of reporting Deepfake generated content for forensic investigation and incident response.

This helps businesses combat deepfake phishing, social engineering, sextortion, fraud and various other emerging threats from AI generative content.
This joint solution is a fully managed offering combining the expertise and technology of both companies to help security teams and users combat the rise in AI based phishing and social engineering. The joint solution called DeepBreach will confidently be able to authenticate content as benign vs. malicious.
You can sign up for updates or join our early release here.

About helps businesses combat evolving threats. From AI-based social engineering to mobile attacks, Breacher AI helps companies bridge security gaps. Breacher AI tests both human and mobile perimeters and educates users to prevent breaches. To learn more please visit

About DeepTrust
DeepTrust verifies content and identity using advanced AI detection models. Their flagship product is their voice clone detection model trained to discern human speech from fake speech via voice patterns undetectable to the human ear. For further information, please visit

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